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Guangzhou Yuan Sheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd is located in High-Tech Industrial Development Zone of Panyuan Area,Guangzhou City, GuangDong,China. Our company is professional in high quality
CNC Cutting Equipment(Gantry CNC Plasma&Flame Cutting Machine, Desktop CNC plasma cutting machine, Precision Plasma cutting machine, Portable CNC Flame Cutting machine, Intersection automatic cutting machine, Four&five axis cutting machine, pipe&plate cutting machine),Automatic welding equipment(Gantry CNC welding machine, CNC Argon arc automatic welding machine, Flange pipe welding machine, Four&five axis automatic welding manipulator)and customize designed Cutting machine manufacturing. Within 8year rich practical experience,We have our own brand"YONSUN". Own to R& D personnel in the continuous improvement of research and development work, we have earned several patents. it is our unlimited honor and YONSUN people will pursuit of scientific and technological innovation all the time.

Application Industry: machine,automobile,shipbuilding,petrochemical,war industry,metallurgy,aerospace,boiler and pressure vessel,locomotive etc.

Application Materials:stainless steel,mild steel,brass,cooper,aluminum alloy,sheet meatl,spring steel,gold, silver. Etc.

Our principle: Good quality is the life of our company;new technology is the basis of our development;Innovation is the key of our progress;Full-time and good service gains the wide market for us.

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  • Guangzhou Yuan Sheng Automation Technology Co.,ltd

    Guangzhou Yuan Sheng Automation Technology Co.,ltd

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