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Zhejiang Jinsitong Technology Co.,Ltd.(JST)is located in Hangzhou High-tech lndustry Development Zone on the beautiful south bank of Qiantang River.Our company is the inventor of Circular-Micro-Channel metal tube heat exchanger.We integrate R&D,manufacturing and sales,and stands as the only company promoting micro-channel metal tube heat exchanger.
Equipped with extraordinary technology and innovative talents,JST is a technology-driven development company.Our team of experienced engineers and technicians continues to succeed in transforming research advancement into improved products.JST is your reliable partner with a mature team and complete automated production line.
Heat exchanger is the focus of JST.We are dedicated to promote the applications of Circular-Micro-Channel metal tube heat exchanger.The company registered trademarks of JST.With various products in six series and three main categories,JST can satisfy customer whth off-the-shelf products or customized based on customer requirements.
Our three categories of products include:Circular-Micro-Channel metal tubes,Circular-Micro-Channel tubes heat exchanger technology,and Circular-Micro-Channel air-conditioning equipment categories.
Our six series are:air-cooled Circular-Micro-Channel tubes heat exchanger series;embedded Circular-Micro-Channel heat exchanger series;wearing air-conditioning series;micro-dehumidifier.
Series;home air-conditioning series;automotive air-conditioning series;air-conditioning cabinets series.
JST is a company dedicated to technology as the foothold,quality as the livelihood and demand of market as the direction.
JST not only provides customers with products,but also listens carefully to customer needs.JST delivers efficient solutions to customers’problems,and maximizes the value for customers.
All JST team members uphold the of company’s vision and mission with perseverance,while integrating our culture into work to ensure continuing success of the company.

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  • Zhejiang Jinsitong Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Zhejiang Jinsitong Technology Co.,Ltd.

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