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Zhejiang Huanxin Fluoro Materical Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing operation of fluorosilicone materials and fluoropolymer intermediates. With technology innovation, manufacturing operation in fluorosilicone rubber, essential fluorosilicone intermediates and fluoropolymer intermediates, Huanxin plays a leading role in manufacturing and supply of fluorosilicone materials in China.
Fluorosilicone Rubber is a specialty rubber, offering excellent chemical resistance, fuel resistance, oil resistance and acid resistance. It is the ideal choice of polymer in extreme working conditions and harsh environments. Huanxin Fluorosilicone Rubber products are available in a wide range of colours and various Shore A hardness, for seal profiles, stamped gaskets, diaphragms, tubing and moulded parts.

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  • Zhejiang Huanxin FIuoro Material Co.Ltd


    Zhejiang Huanxin FIuoro Material Co.Ltd

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