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The KM- series ultrasonic welding systems are designed and built to assure you the highest degree of reliability and weld quality, because we are synonymous with the cutting-edge technologies from Germany, Korea and the U.S

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Ultrasonic metal welding is the most technologically advanced method of bonding conductive metals such as aluminum, copper, nickel, brass, gold and silver.
Kormax has been standing at the forefront of developing high quality ultrasonic metal welders that produce a variety of products ranging from tube seals, spot welds to wire splices.

Kormax’s ergonomically designed systems offer manufacturers the fastest and cleanest method of reliably assembling components.
With cycle times of only one second or fractions of a second and Kormax’s Intelligent Process Controls, productivity and quality are maximized.
Unending commitments to process improvement, application advancement, engineering excellence and customer service are the attributes which have made Kormax the smart choice for your ultrasonic metal welding tooling needs.

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  • Kormax System

    Kormax System

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